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Coronavirus Threat Makes Near Pass In Ohio

Coronavirus Threat Makes Near Pass In Ohio

A man infected with the coronavirus made a visit to Cleveland from Chicago earlier this month, prompting a response from the Ohio Department of Health.

His wife returned from Wuhan, the Chinese province where the virus originates, and felt sick. On January 13, the day of her arrival back in Chicago, she reported her illness and sought treatment.

Health officials confirmed her infection as the novel coronavirus. Her husband traveled for less than a day to Ohio on January 14. However, health officials state the man was not infectious at that time.

The couple, in their 60s, remain under watch. The Center for Disease Control reports the wife’s condition continues to improve.

Coronavirus Considered International Emergency

The coronavirus began at a fish market in the Chinese province of Wuhan. There, officials believe it transmitted from tainted seafood to humans. Subsequently, the virus spread rapidly through the region, transmitting human to human.

As of Friday morning, the number of infected reaches nearly 10,000 in China. Additionally, the virus killed 213, so far only in China. Though, cases continue to crop up around the globe. So far, 22 countries report diagnosing 130 cases between them.

Airport screenings and other measures help stem the spread while researchers race to learn vital information about the virus. They still don’t know the ease with which it transmits, nor do they understand its incubation period.

Cities around the United States are acting to protect their residents from a potential outbreak. In New York, officials identified 10 potential cases earlier this week. However, it appears none contain the coronavirus. This type of close watch characterizes the concerns surrounding the virus.

The World Health Organization on Thursday declared the spread of the coronavirus a global health emergency.

The US State Department told Americans not to travel to China, and for any Americans already there to return immediately.

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