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General Motors Unleashes The “Ultium Drive” For Us

General Motors Unleashes The “Ultium Drive” For Us

General Motors is becoming less generic these days. They just announced new details about the Ultium battery platform exclusive to their electric vehicles. Each battery can power five separate drive units met with three motors. This combination will help GM confirm it’s spot in an “all-electric future.”

According to GM’s VP of Autonomous and Electric Vehicle Programs, Ken Morris, General Motors is set for success when manufacturing Ultiums. It’s meant to be flexible towards multi-purpose driving, while supporting a firm base for future vehicles to come. It’s no different from Volkswagen and their modular electric drive matrix. (Aka: the MEB platform.)

General Motors Has A Promising Future

Furthermore, it’s already got some cars to electrify! Hummer’s upcoming SUV and pickup truck models are looking to handle the Ultium. Additionally a Cadillac Lyriq SUV, two Honda EVs and an electric delivery van. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Less Costly Than The Average EV

In a statement, GM believes the Ultium Drive may lead the EV industry with “precision torque control of its motors for smooth performance.” Which is good to hear, but not as eye-catching as the cost-effective pricetag. By consolidating internal wiring, it makes it easier to bring the Ultium Drive all over GM’s EV models. The “digital nerve system” will also make a come-back by enabling smartphone-similar software updates and patches. General Motors is working to reduce 80 percent of wiring that is still essential in the Chevrolet Bolt. In turn, battery cell costs should dip below $100/kWh.

Can They Beat Tesla Though?

They’re pulling all the stops to retrofit a “fully-dedicated” electric vehicle assembly plant. It’s a $20 billion “all-electric future” that General Motors invests in. Both figuratively and literally, as just the other week, the automaker snagged a stake in the buzzy busy-bodies behind Nikola. But will it be enough to catch up with Tesla? After all, their Battery Day is less than a week away.

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