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Columbus Crew Makes Do – 1,500 Fans To Watch Live Match

You are currently viewing Columbus Crew Makes Do – 1,500 Fans To Watch Live Match
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COLUMBUS, OH – Columbus Crew Soccer Club allows 1,500 fans in the MAPFRE Stadium as they face FC Cincinnati, Sunday, September 6th.

We’re all itching for normalcy. A thankless sensation of arguing with family, leaving the house for a long work day, taking a short intermission for a sub at Katzinger’s Deli and ultimately, having nothing better to lean on but the hype of an impossible match-up in the night’s sports realm.

Against your better judgement, you tell the Missus you’re taking the night off to watch the big game at Beck Tavern, at which rightfully she scoffs. (Your kid’s vomit is still on her nightgown.)

You enter the pub, with Tommy and Sam flanked left and Myra manning the bar. She’s anxious about her “will-he, won’t-he marry me” scenario and the boys are arguing about their own politics: bean dip.

But you’re happy. You feel satisfied. You’re thrilled because Columbus Crew SC is on TV. Even if they lose to Houston, there’s still next Saturday when they face New York. And you’ve got tickets to the lower bowl of that are just too good for a penalty. If that’s the future, it’s worth bearing the present.

These were all minute details we took for granted before COVID-19 hit. And the ripples on the sporting industry have only been colossal. Whole organizations shut down, cliques of players bowing out for safety and cardboard cutouts? I’ve heard of a stiff crowd, but that’s flat-out disrespecting ball buffs.

Lucky for Ohioans, there’s leeway in the gameplay.

Prepare for the MAPFRE Stadium to roar once more as adoring audience roots for the Crew and boos FC Cincinnati this Sunday. A maximum of 1,500 tickets is available for purchase to season-ticket holders, contingent on tenure. During the game, fans must keep their masks on and their distance a social 6-feet.

This development comes in part from Ohio Governor Mike DeWine approving a health order in August regarding seat filling. Sport teams may fill their stadiums, arenas and fields with limited accommodations. Either 15% capacity of their usual volumes or 1,500 fans in the outdoors. Whichever’s less likely to spread viral matter.

On Wednesday, the Crew curbed the MAPFRE for a total of 250 family and friends to watch their win against Philadelphia. Keeping the crowd safe encourages Crew president / GM Tim Bezbatchenko to reach for fan service to call out for the hundreds for Sunday’s match, as part of their Responsible Restart Plan.

The MAPFRE Stadium is able to hold 19,968 humans, but one spokeswoman disagrees with the plans. Columbus Public Health’s Kelli Newman reported the health department didn’t see eye-to-eye with the Crew on letting fans back in until two Level 1 / Yellow declarations are made by the Ohio Public Health Advisory System. Currently, the gravity of Corona Virus is set at a Level 2 advisory for Franklin County.

In the meantime, fans can join a Zoom debriefing this Friday, orchestrated by Crew business officer Steve Lyons. Members holding season-tickets can start buying through pre-sale, though there’s no pressure to sit in the same section originally purchased for the 2020 season.

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