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George Floyd Protests End With Pepper Spray

You are currently viewing George Floyd Protests End With Pepper Spray
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Protests over George Floyd have begun to take form across the country. With many individuals searching for justice and reform, state police have been called in as a response to looting.

Tear gas and mace cloud the air as local law enforcement are responding to call across the city that have erupted into looting.

The initial response had broken up a gathering by 11 p.m. Through the use of pepper spray and mace officers were able to vacate the premise of protesters. The issue was that force was met with equal force as the upset protesters moved on to breaking windows of multi-million dollar franchises.

Places like Auto Zone and Target are currently the two big focal points for looters. It’s unclear as of now whether or not the protests will spill over into Columbus.

George Floyd Protests Spring Up Across The Nation

The protests have spurred after a video was released online showing 4 police officers using unlawful methods while detaining George Floyd. The methods used have been counted as the cause of death.

The video shows the officer placing his knee on the back of Floyd’s neck. While you can hear Floyd yelling ” I can’t breath” and “I’m going to die.”

Floyd was detained after an anonymous lead tipped police off to the potential of faulty checks. The officer who apprehended Floyd, Derek Chauvin, has since been taken into custody and is on trial for the death of Floyd.

Still, protests remain as many cities are seeing public outcry for the black community.

While protests continue to promote the cause of equality, many large businesses are fearful that their stores will be looted. Thus, having the national guard come in to stop rioting has been the call of action by the city’s mayor.

The hearing for Chauvin is to be determined. Until then, the goal is to limit the levels of property destruction.

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