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Lockdown: Two Schools Closed After Shootings

You are currently viewing Lockdown: Two Schools Closed After Shootings
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Briggs High School and Lindberg Elementary School are on lockdown after two reported shootings took place in the surrounding areas.

A single gunman has been reported firing shots in Columbus Ohio, on Monday sources said. The man began shooting near the two schools, prompting both schools to act to keep their students safe. With so many school shootings taking place all over the country this year, officials knew what to do and were quick to react. Certainly, the parents will thank them for their vigilance.

SWAT officers, as well as patrol officers, were called to the scene. On top of that, Hostage negotiators were called in case any issues escalated.

The shooting took place in an area between Apple Blossom Lane and Eakin Rd. (West Columbus). The two local schools are on lockdown while police attempt to stop the shooter.

Lockdown Comes with Evacuations

Evacuations are underway from multiple homes in the surrounding areas. The suspect is still at large and a house-to-house search is still ongoing.

There is no news of victims at this moment. However, this is quite obviously a developing story. You should check back periodically for updates on whether or not the children are safe.

This comes amid another recent shooting where a driver crashed their car into a building amid a shooting last week. The police identified 18-year-old Brendan Brown, who was left in the automobile with a gunshot wound. He was later pronounced dead after the incident.

Brown was driving the car near a local school when he was shot, possibly by the passenger, and left for dead. Police are still looking for the perpetrator of the incident.

Police are still working on finding any leads on a suspect. If you know anything about the shooter or have any leads on who they might be, please reach out to the authorities.

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