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Our History

our history

Every great thing has its own history. Columbus Auto Transport is not an exception.

The company started as a small basement office in 2006. The team of 2-3 people worked hard to study the auto transportation industry and help people and companies relocate. The company started with a few orders and now grew to supply thousands of customers. Thanks to the commitment and dedication of our team, soon the basement turned to a huge office with various departments. Now we have business development, sales, marketing, accounting team sto make your shipping experience hassle-free.

The service portfolio includes all the novelties of the industry and meets the requirements of picky customers. The company has also expanded its network to cover all the aspects of the auto transportation services.

Since its foundation, the company has shipped over 100,000 vehicles across 50 states, including Hawaii and Alaska. The company’s priorities have always been security and safety.  Besides, within its operation, the company has shipped vehicles mostly damage-less within the requested time-frame.

You will wonder how. The dedication and commitment, as well as the facilities that meet the quality standards, expert team make it all possible.

Premium Services and Fast Response Time

The company offers a wide range of services. They include Open and Enclosed Car Transport, Expedited and Door to Door Car Shipping, Auction, and Exotic Car Shipping. Besides, we offer Snowbird Transport Services and Military Vehicle Equipment Shipping.

Therefore, we ship your vehicle regardless of its type, functionality, traveling route and make and model. Our rates are affordable and competitive.

We also offer full insurance for the shipment. Starting from the moment the car is taken for shipping, we are responsible for its safety.

Columbus Auto Transport stands out among others for its fast response and outstanding customer services.

Call us at (380) 867-0547 to learn more.

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