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Paying Extra for Tickets will Promote Columbus-area Students’ Education

You are currently viewing Paying Extra for Tickets will Promote Columbus-area Students’ Education
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Columbus, Ohio – The Greater Columbus Arts Council plans to charge extra for events at venues by adding a 7 percent ticket fee.

The proposed fee will result in doubling the amount of money, which will be addressed to helping organizations such as Momentum. The main goal is to help with educational outreach programs.

According to Elyse Dakin, one of the instructors with Momentum, the highlight of the program is following the students’ performance throughout the year. Elyse Dakin said mostly the students achieve more than they could.

Momentum operates from 2002 and now it’s a company of nearly two dozen, even though it started with just one person.

Most of them are dance instructors or accompanists.  The money generated through tickets will be allocated to Momentum or other similar organizations.

The instructors get school kids ready for a final performance by giving choreography class. They work with nearly 16000 fourth-grade students at Columbus and   Hilliard schools by charging a very small fee due to other findings.

Besides teaching kids to dance the classes have much more into them.  Momentum instructors are trying to show how to respect each other and have more patience.

Hard work pays off. During this year the success they achieved is significant. The financial crisis impacted the art organizations.  According to company’s owner, they identified a $15 million funding gap between Columbus Art Center and their arts organizing programming.

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