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Buckeye State Ad Campaign is Aimed at Attracting Businesses

Buckeye State Ad Campaign is Aimed at Attracting Businesses

The Buckeye state ad campaign “Ohio is for Leaders” launching in September and had a full rollout in January. This ad campaign includes digital ads and social media. However, the major component is billboards. There are different messages tailoring toward the markets they are in New York City, Boston, and Austin. This is very beneficial for these different markets and attracting businesses to go to these states for financial reasons.

Buckeye State:, the billboards list a web address. It contains a YouTube video. Also, there is a form to contact JobsOhio for more information about doing business in the state. This is great for businesses looking to see business opportunities in Ohio.

Buckeye State: Ad Campaign Called Bold and Cheeky

The managing director of JobsOhio, Renae Scott, spoke about the campaign earlier this month during a meeting for the state’s official tourism agency, TourismOhio.

Scott said it ran for three weeks at the end of September, calling it bold and cheeky.

The campaign, she said, to attract the attention of people and businesses “looking to flee the coasts.” Scott has produced more than 30 million impressions. It includes media coverage. In fact, it was at the beginning draw attract the attention of people and businesses “looking to flee the coasts.” Scott declared it gives rise to generate more than 30 million impressions. Moreover, this includes media coverage. In the beginning, it was planning to leverage good national attention to DeWine’s style of managing the Corona Virus pandemic.

JobsOhio is Funded by Profit from the State’s Liquor Monopoly

Funded by profits from the state’s liquor monopoly, officials at JobsOhio have declined to say how much they cost. Produced by Madwell were the ads. In addition, the agency has offices in Brooklyn. Moreover, they won out over five other proposals based on what they were seen as the agency’s ability to move the campaign forward, according to JobsOhio officials.

The Political Left isn’t Happy with the Ads

The ads that were noticed this week said social-media uses in Ohio. In fact, they have hit a nerve toward the political left. It was after Republican Governor Mike DeWine has used the word “progressive” earlier in February to describe Ohio. The state is increasingly a politically red state. The goal has touted a proposal to spend $50 million on an ad campaign to attract younger people to move here. Though the JobsOhio billboard campaign is different from DeWine’s proposal. It has yet to be approved. Boohoo lefties! Get over it. I’m glad Ohio is a red state. Moreover, they are for American democratic values like civil liberties and freedom!

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