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Columbus Auto Transport

Columbus Auto Transport has been operating in the auto transport industry for over a decade. The company has been shipping vehicles nationwide, including Hawaii and Alaska. The wide range of the services, as well as the professional team and facilities, position our company as a trustworthy and reliable partner. The company has shipped over 100 000 vehicles nationwide since its establishment.

Within a decade, we have striven to keep pace of the market trends and requirements. The customer’s needs were number one priority for us. Our customer base consists of loyal and new customers who trust us based on our success and referrals. …. Read More

What Makes Columbus Auto Transport Stand Out?

  • 12 years of professional experience in vehicle transportation across 50 states of the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii
  • Military equipment transportation and corporate relocation
  • Shipment of a car from an auction or dealership
  • Door to door, open and enclosed car transport
  • Your vehicle is fully insured during the whole shipment process- from the moment it gets loaded onto the truck, to the moment it is taken off. The carrier’s insurance covers $1,000,000 liability and $250,000 cargo.
  • Wide range of shipping methods: Variety of shipping method: Door-to-Door and Expedited Car Shipping Services, Open and Enclosed Car Transport. We offer you options based on your preference and other factors.

Safe, Fast and Affordable

Auto shipping with Columbus Auto Transport is easy and fast. We have simplified the process to enhance your shipping experience. Our prices are affordable and competitive in the market. The total cost of the shipment is generated based on several factors, such as the size, make, model and the year of your vehicle, type of the trailer, the route, location and seasonal fluctuations, and the condition of the car (running/non-running). Once you book the shipping, you can be safe the car will be delivered to its destination safe and sound.Hide contents

Contact our live agents at (380) 867-0547 to learn more or get a free quote.

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