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Volkswagen ID.6 Electric SUV Happens To Be The Largest EV So Far

Volkswagen ID.6 Electric SUV Happens To Be The Largest EV So Far

Volkswagen is showing off their third ID production electric vehicle. Completely having a basis on the MEB platform. s far as the ID.3 and the ID.4, they’re not nearly as big as these two from the brand. Volkswagen has been focusing up on the Chinese market. When they have decidedly shown the electric SUV, it was at the Shanghai Motor Show. The CEO of Volkswagen, Ralf Brandstätter has made mention that “With the new ID.6, we are laying the foundations for at least 50 percent of our cars sold in China being electric by 2030. We are maintaining momentum and gradually increasing our range of MEB cars: By 2023, Volkswagen will have a total of eight ID. models.”

When it comes to the size of the vehicles, MEB platform capabilities are super flexible. This is almost completely capable to enable a small hatchback. Similar to the ID.3 and upwards to a larger SUV like the ID.6. The vehicle is about 192 inches long and only a foot longer than the Volkswagen ID.4.

Volkswagen had more specs to show off for the Chinese version of the electric SUV. It had come with two different battery pack sizes. Not to mention that they’re supposedly going to be seen in the ID.4. The ID. 4 Pro has also received a 260-mile EPA estimated range.

It’s expected to go into production at two different factories in China later on in the year.

Currently, the ID.6 from Volkswagen has output levels of 132 kilowatts, a torque at about 220 Nm and a battery capacity of about 58 kilowatt-hours. Additionally, therein comes a range of about 436 kilometers. All in all, it’s pretty great with the top speed reaching 160 kilometers per hour. You’d have to be a total dummy to not get this amazing vehicle. There are also zero local emissions. As well as a one-speed for the transmission.

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