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Eliminating Danger for Kids: School Bus Cameras are Installed

You are currently viewing Eliminating Danger for Kids: School Bus Cameras are Installed
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A school district in Marion experiencing cameras on their school buses in order to catch drivers which are avoiding stop signs. But will this help to prevent more accidents?

Each camera is worth over $500 which are equipped in Local Elgin Schools’ buses. The aim of the devices is to avoid unlawful school bus drivers. “We’re watching bus school drivers. We will get you to stop,” said Transportation director, Shannon Downing.

Over 29 violations are caught so far this year, according to Downing. Therefore, the cameras are aimed to report violations much easier and faster. Before the device, bus drivers were required to know the time, the location of the violation, however, now the full information about the incident is being caught on the camera’s memory.

For now, when someone drives through their stop signal, it’s going to be recorded. Also, images are going to be taken with the bus’s license plate, along with a report which will be sent to the state patrol who can issue a ticket.

But however, will this change the way bus drivers drive? “It is just a matter of trying to eliminate the danger for children,” said a bus mechanic Tom Myers.

The reason for the system is simple: ‘to keep the nearly 1,000 children safe who are using bus service.’

Do you think setting up a bus camera will be helpful? Or will it make the driver more anxious? Leave a comment and share your thoughts below.


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