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Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring Scores Great Marks all Around

January 12, 2022

Lincoln has introduced the compact Corsair Grand Touring. It has added a second plug-in hybrid model. Similar to its bigger Aviator sibling, the plug-in Corsair did share the technology with a Ford. It also provides additional performance and a much-improved interior that does make it a credible luxury vehicle.

Audi Experiments With new Charging Hub and ‘Premium Concept’

December 21, 2021

Audi is planning on opening its charging hub concept in Nuremberg. In fact, the quick-charging facility is aimed at Audi owners that don't have home charging which is available but is now open to anyone with an EV.

Audi Charging Hubs are Easy to Erect

Toyota Sells Zero-Emissions Cars for Progressive Climate Plan

December 3, 2021

Toyota Motor Corporation is making a promise to see only zero-emission cars in Europe by 2035. Moreover, this pledge does align with the world's biggest automaker with the world's most ambitious climate plan.

Toyota - Zero Emission Vehicles

Kia EV9 Crossover Has Exciting new Features

November 12, 2021

The Kia has teased a pending battery-electric EV9 crossover. There is an 18-minute online presentation live stream that is called "Kia Sustainability Movement: Inspiration Inspired by Nature." The Kia EV Crossover did discuss the corporate sustainability goals and some of the characteristics that can be looked forward to in .... Read More

Ram Recalls 131,000 Heavy-Duty Trucks Regarding Fire Hazard

October 25, 2021

Ram has been investigating an issue with a number of heavy-duty trucks from the 2021 model year that have experienced engine bay fires. This has been going on for a little over a year. Then, for some reason, even when the engine is off, the solid-state intake heater relay in Ram Read More

Bentley Is Turning 70! The Company Celebrates With New Paint Jobs

October 6, 2021

When you see a Bentley Motor, you are totally under the impression that God knows how to build cars. Being that there have been over 70 years of design crunched into one brand, there's a paint option. One or more of revival after revival being seen for the commemorative models. Isn't that fun? It's certainly something cool .... Read More

Mercedes-Benz S580 2021 Version Introduces The Tech And Comfort

September 16, 2021

There's plenty to love about the latest in the S-Class entry. Mercedes-Benz really have the benefit of doing great with the lineup with 2021's S580. The vehicles have 429-horsepower turbo and supercharged 3.0-liter inline-six for the S500. But when regarding the S580, there's an output of 496-horsepower with a twin-turbo V- .... Read More

Acura NSX Type S 2022 is Confirmed as a More Powerful Send-Off

August 4, 2021

Acura has recently revived the Type S badge for the 355-hp TLX Type S sport sedan and MDX Type S crossover. Now, the company has officially confirmed that the NSX supercar will also receive the Type S treatment. However, there is an unhappy note to the news: the higher-performance NSX Type S will serve as a send-off fo .... Read More

Porsche is set to Double Taycan Sales to 40,000 Electric Cars This Year

July 16, 2021

Porsche, this year, is set to double Taycan sales to 40,000 units as the electric car becomes an important part of the premier automaker’s lineup. There is a lot of questions about if the Taycan could become a volume electric vehicle before coming to market.

.... Read More

Ram 2500 Laramie 4×4 Can Experience The Winter

June 28, 2021

This latest from the Ram brand is something incredible when you consider how strong it is. The 2500 HD Cold Weather Group had a cover and block heater. In which case the truck is strong and fortuitous against the fear of cold. If that's the case, the Silverado 2500 Duramax arrived with a Mopar and $120 grille cover. There i .... Read More

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