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Did You Hear that Walmart is Hiring Drivers? Now They’re Hiring Private Fleets!

Did You Hear that Walmart is Hiring Drivers? Now They’re Hiring Private Fleets!

Recently Walmart has not only been adding numerous trucker jobs to the work-force, but they’ve also been offering upwards of 80 grand a year for drivers. Now, they are adding jobs to fleets in private sectors. This includes private fleets in Ohio!

Walmart has added truck driving jobs to it’s Washington Court House in the Ohio transportation office. These jobs are now in-house. By bringing their operations solely to Ohio private fleet-owners Walmart cuts out the middle-man. Walmart removes the need for a hiring agency, or a third party to hire drivers and fleets, which means more benefits for the truckers themselves.

As of now, Walmart works with a private Ohio fleet and ditched their third-party carrier. Relying on smaller companies, private fleets and individual owner-operators the company raises the dependability of the truckers.

This new evolvement means that Walmart will hire 125 new drivers by May. Even though these will be new drivers, the truck drivers can earn an average of $87,500 a year. Of course, this depends on driving experience and record. Although, within the first year of employment a driver earns an in-rate of nearly ¢89 per mile.

But Ohio is not the one who is benefiting Walmart’s entrance into the private sector. So far, they’re also using in-house fleets in Indiana and Maine. Only time will tell how many countries Walmart’s transfer to private sector will spread to.

Walmart is still looking to hire drivers. They plan on accepting internal Walmart transfer as well as hiring externally. Also, third party workers who currently work at the Walmart Ohio facility are also welcome.

If this sounds interesting to you, you can to be a Walmart driver here!

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