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How To Stay Healthy On The Road

How To Stay Healthy On The Road

A healthy lifestyle is a must for anyone looking to lead a happy life. This is one of those universal truths that we sometimes forget until it is too late. But health should always come first!

Now, some jobs make for a healthier routine, while others might find it more complicated. Nonetheless, everything is about finding a balance between your work and your personal health.

Trucking is one of those jobs in which you might need to try a little harder to stay healthy. However, it is not that complicated at all!

Maybe you have been wondering about a change in lifestyle for some time. Or maybe you are new to trucking and need to figure your routine out yet. Don’t forget it is very important to improve your habits. After all, it’s your health we are talking about!

So, since we always want you to be your best self – and this includes while you are on the road –    we have managed to put together a list to help you achieve your balance. Whether you are worried about your physical or your mental health, we have some tips for you!

Don’t forget to always take good care of yourself. For you and those who love you.


Sitting for so many hours on your truck cabin might pose a serious issue for your physical health. Also, being on the road, we usually end up eating or drinking whatever we come across.

This and many other things should be taking into consideration when trying to stay healthy while having a trucking career.

Take a look at these points and your physical health will thank you!


It might be tempting to stop at any dinners along the road and chow down a huge burger with fries and a soda. And there is nothing wrong with doing it every now and then.

But when that becomes your daily meal routine you might get your health into trouble. It is important to lead a balanced diet and eat all the necessary foods, nutrients, and vitamins.

You can explore other options like maybe stopping at a grocery store on the road, bring plenty of healthy snacks along, or do your research on healthy dining options on your route.

You can even use vitamin supplements if you still feel like you need that extra boost. But remember, supplements only help, but they are never a substitution for a healthy diet.

Water is also very important when you are on the road. So always carry some with you and make sure to never run out! Staying hydrated is key. And no, soda doesn’t count!

You can check all the information you need to know to lead a balanced diet here. Also, don’t hesitate to personally check with a dietician or a nutritionist if you have any questions.


Exercise might seem complicated if you spend so many hours on the road. However, it is highly recommended that anyone with a job that involves being seated for several hours tries to work out a little every day.

It doesn’t have to be a whole lot of exercise. You can start by taking a fast-paced walk in the mornings. Or maybe you can carry a set of weights with you to work out those muscles. Just remember that it is very important to stay active.

Our society has made it common for everybody to lead a sedentary lifestyle. But our bodies are capable of so many physical accomplishments. So, don’t forget to train it and enjoy everything your body can do.

You can check here some advice on how to do short routines of exercise. You will soon feel both the physical and mental improvements every time you do some work!


This one might seem obvious, but for some people, it is not. So, it’s always good to include it as a reminder.

You should always take good care of your posture when you spend so many hours sitting and driving. After all, back problems and muscle aches or soreness are only a few of the issues that might come out of holding an improper posture.

Here you can check the best postures to sit to protect your body and keep it healthy. Besides, you can also get a seat cushion or back holder if you think you might need some extra support. They are inexpensive and you will feel the difference!


A good day of hard work also needs its good night of peaceful resting. That is why sleeping is so important for your body. The lack of good sleep or proper resting can seriously impact your health, and that of others, in multiple ways.

We know that sleeping in your truck might not be the most comfortable place to spend your nights. However, you should pay attention to your sleeping habits and improve them in any possible way.

Some people might find it helpful to practice meditation. Some others can get a better night of sleep if they put some effort into making their truck cabin into a little home of sorts. Or if they get a better pillow, or fewer blankets, or maybe more! What’s certain is that there is not just one correct answer.

You will have to check what works for you, personally. And keep in mind these general recommendations about adequate sleeping patterns and hours.

Besides, remember to take multiple breaks from driving and make sure to clear yourself before getting back behind the wheel.


The way we keep ourselves and the image we reflect can also affect both our physical and our mental health. So, remember to maintain proper hygiene even while on the road.

The more you take care of your hygiene, the fewer viruses or bacteria you will come in touch with. Stay clean and wash your hands and face often. That way you will prevent many common illnesses and protect yourself and others.

Remember that you can also carry some basics with you like soap, toothbrush, hand sanitizer or a nail clipper.


We all know that physical health is not all there is. We also need to take into consideration our mental health if we wish to enjoy general wellbeing.

Mental issues are also a very important and serious part of the trucking industry. So many hours alone on the road can drive anyone mad! So, here are a few things you should pay attention to in you want to stay mentally healthy, too.

Also, don’t forget to check this article if you are worried you might have some mental health issue and are unsure about how to proceed. There are plenty of resources out there to help you!  


Talking is something inherently necessary for human beings. We need to socialize with others and communicate.

If you don’t believe it, just see how prisoners can go crazy after a while in solitary confinement. Or do you remember the famous relationship Tom Hanks had with a volleyball named Wilson in Cast Away?  

If you want to stay sane, make sure you talk plenty with other people. You can use your phone to talk to your friends and family. Or maybe you can chat with other drivers through your radio!

This habit will also be very useful to pass the time and also to not feel that lonely. A long road by yourself can get to you. So, always keep it in your mind.

Get ready and talk away!


Relationships and human connections are basic for anybody. Just because you spend a lot of time away from your family due to your job doesn’t mean you love them any less.

It is very important to keep a healthy mind to know you have people around you that love you and can’t wait to see you when you get back home. These people can be your family, friends, or your significant other.

Either way, you should stay in touch with them and feel like a part of their daily lives. Even if you are away on the road.

Thankfully, nowadays we’ve got cell phones, and the Internet, and many other things that help us stay connected to people. So, make sure to use them on a regular basis and let your loved one know you are thinking of them.


You will have plenty of time while away on a job. And what you do with that time is completely up to you. But, if you want to have a healthy mind, it is very important that you chose wisely.

Time with nothing to do but follow an infinite road can drive you insane after a while. But you can also use that time to learn, experience and listen.

Nowadays, you have plenty of audiobooks to expand your knowledge or thirst for storytelling. Music is also a great companion while on the road. You can listen to so many genres and so many singers from different periods of time. This can fulfill your need for emotional connection and artistic beauty. And don’t forget about the new favorite: podcasts.

There are more things you can do on the road. Just reflect a little on what your mind might be craving, and you will find the right option for you.


Hobbies are something you can take with you wherever you go. You can also find new hobbies on the go and, hence, discover new parts of yourself.

Whatever it is that you like, you shouldn’t stop doing it just because of the demands of your job.

Almost anything can be done on the road. And, if not, you can always find new hobbies that you can actually bring along on your trips.

Think for a bit about the things that you love. Or maybe about the things that make you feel fulfilled and inspired. Those are very important feelings for a human being. And, many times, they can help you through your darkest moments.

Never quit doing pleasure activities and enjoying your moments of leisure. Your mind will be thankful!


Touch is another important part of a healthy mind. It helps us get rid of anxiety and stress, and even boosts our immune system!

Human beings need to be touched and cared for. So, even if it is just a handshake or a friendly hug, try to engage with others in physical contact.

Always use wisely your time at home, if you can’t find that much-needed touch away.

And, before you leave to go on the road again, make sure to fulfill all your touching needs: hug your mother, kiss your significant other, pet your dog and hug a close friend.  

This need for touch might be the reason why more and more truck drivers have started to travel with a partner or even with their pets. An animal can fulfill the need for touch and also help you cope with loneliness on the road ahead.

Do you have any other tips to stay healthy? Or maybe a piece of useful advice to share with your fellow truckers? Don’t forget to write it in the comments!

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