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What to Do This Spring in Columbus, Ohio

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Going to the park is a quintessential spring activity!
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If you are looking for things to do this spring in and around Columbus, Ohio, you have come to the right place! We have compiled the perfect list of activities that are perfect for kids on their spring break or adults just looking for things to do!

Hit Up a Local Park

Columbus has great metro parks of all different sizes. There are about 19 different ones, totaling about 27,000 acres. When you visit, you can enjoy all the classic park things, whether it be a walk/hike, a picnic, a bicycle ride, or playing on the playground, or you can come visit for one of the special spring activities! There are special clean-up day projects, scheduled scavenger hunts, photography activities, and even gardening classes offered!

Plan a Visit to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Nothing beats a classic zoo and/or aquarium experience! This is a great activity for the full family to have a full day of fun! There are a few different fun, springtime events that are coming up at the zoo that you should definitely check out! First there is the opening of the ‘Unextinct’ exhibit, followed by the ‘Eggs, Paws, and Claws’ event on Easter weekend, and lastly ending on the ‘Earth Day Celebration Weekend’!

Explore One of Columbus’ Lovely Museums

Columbus has some great museums, especially the Columbus Museum of Art. Some of the museums, including the Museum of Art, have special spring events of exhibitions up to see, so look into ones of interest to find the best times or dates for you!

For Adults, Go on the Dublin Celtic Cocktail Trail

Dublin, Ohio is not far from Columbus and offers a great cocktail trail! There are 14 stops and different prizes you can win along the way! 11 of the 14 stops even have non-alcoholic cocktails, a mocktail if you will, for all non-drinkers to enjoy!

Walk Around the Conservatory and Botanical Gardens of Franklin Parks

If you love to see all the fresh blossoms of spring, we highly recommend coming here! You can see all kinds of different flower and plant species living in a beautiful way!

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