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Tesla Outsells VW and Renault Combined

May 5, 2020

Tesla has been the number one electric car brand in the world. It is easy to see why. For starters, the company was the first to launch an all-electric vehicle. This put their name on the throne as THE electric car. The second is that they have pushed the bars of ingenuity far past their competitors.

Food Trucks Support Truck Drivers

April 14, 2020

Food trucks are mobile restaurants. With the world currently facing the COVID-19 pandemic, many Food Trucks have stepped up to help support truck drivers.

Closed Rest Areas Means Lack Of Food and Supplies

For .... Read More

CDL Licensing Is Important!

March 24, 2020

Looking for a new career path? Obtaining your CDL license can be one of the biggest steps! With the current emergency facing the world, truck drivers are needed now more than ever!

Your Class A CDL License is Essential!

Ethanol Vs Biofuel: What is The Difference?

March 3, 2020

Ethanol is a primary fuel source for most vehicles. With the implementation of alternative fuels to one of the largest global industries, many drivers are witnessing the birth of a green movement. However, this green movement isn't so much a push as it is a pull. The inclusion of ethanol has been in Americ .... Read More

Camper Van Renovations and Living

February 11, 2020

The camper van can be an extremely challenging project. Essentially, you want to take a small living space and turn it into your house. There are many ways this can be done (some easier than others) but in the end, if you work hard enough, you'll have the van of your dreams. Still, some are nervous when they start. Seeing a .... Read More

Drag Racing: Engine Blowouts

January 21, 2020

Drag racing is an adrenaline rush. Teams build cars to go as fast as they possibly can. Installing nitrous tanks, and just overall rebuilding engines takes time, patience, and of course, money. So when a car is at the starting line, revving to take off, and suddenly a *POP* comes from the engine and the whole hood flies of .... Read More

Right Turn in a Big Rig: Accidents

December 27, 2019

A right turn in a big rig causes some of the most common accidents on the road. There is a multitude of factors that go into an accident like that. It is important to know who is at fault.

An Accident in a Right Turn Can Automatically Make You At Fault

Powerisers: How to Steal Girlfriends

December 4, 2019

"Powerisers" I say to myself. "Powerisers," I say to myself, once more, this time with the certainty that I just witnessed someone dead sprint across a football field as if they had the worst case of IBS. Needless to say, these things are weird...but they're totally awesome.

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How to Handle A Truck Driver Recruiter

November 21, 2019

A trucking recruiter might have reached out to you on your job hunt. Typically they work for large-scale trucking companies. Recruiters have the know-how to convince you that they have the right job for you - but do they?

What to Actually Expect from a Recruiter

How To Stay Healthy On The Road

October 14, 2019

A healthy lifestyle is a must for anyone looking to lead a happy life. This is one of those universal truths that we sometimes forget until it is too late. But health should always come first!

Now, some jobs make for a healthier routine, while others might find it more co .... Read More