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Lion Electric Will Boogie-Oogie-Oogie Their Zero-Emission School Buses

February 26, 2021

Lion Electric is doing it's damnedest to bring all-electric school transportation to the school districts that need it. The electric urban vehicle manufacturer is looking to provide 10 LionC buses. As a result, Lion Electric will be known as a leader in electric school buses through all of North America.

Evel Knievel Does It Again! But This Time Through His Truck

February 5, 2021

Evel Knievel has a previous Mack. T'was a haul rig and it truly was something marvelous. It had endured the roughness of existence unlike anybody had ever known. Anybody except Evel had ever known. And yet, t'was idyllic. An iconic transporter for the most dangerous stunt person in the face of the planet. Wouldn’t you wan .... Read More

Rivian Snags $2.65 Billion Dollars, Though Amazon Is The Only Buyer

January 20, 2021

Mark another notch in the wall, boys! Rivian has been able to claim enough money to close out another huge milestone. The electric vehicle creator has been able to get a sizable backing - $2.65 billion dollars - for building Amazon's future delivery fleet.

This was announ .... Read More

BMW: Better Makers Win – 20% Of Vehicles Electric For 2023

December 29, 2020

How does that one saying go? "If you can't beat them, join them. If you can't join them, become them." It looks like that's the spin the German automaker is doing anyway. Reportedly, the Beems are ramping up EV production in anticipation for the new year. The new year of 2023, mainly. BMW CEO Oliver Zipse had this to say: " .... Read More

Swift Founder Taking On Central Freight Lines In The Meantime

December 4, 2020

Central Freight Lines is calling it: Jerry Moyes, the founder of Swift Transportation, is now serving as the interim president and CEO of CFL. This comes after a kerfuffle period of executives being shuffled around to see whom would best fit the position. The less-than-truckload carrier company CFL has been around for nearl .... Read More

Daimler Celebrates Over 500,000 Collective Miles Traveled On E-Trucks

November 11, 2020

Say, I've got an idea! Next time you see a truck driver for Daimler Trucks North America, go ahead and give them a handshake. But - and this is very important - before you do, make sure you have one of those gag buzzers on your palm. That way, when they get shocked, they're also impressed. You're essentially c .... Read More

Rockets for A Semi-Truck Launched It Into A Trailer To For Nuclear Test

October 24, 2020

If you're like - oh, I don't know - any human being alive, then you too would be nervous to transport nuclear weapons as your cargo. Sandia National Laboratories calls this experiment the largest in two decades. How did they do it? With rockets!

The Rockets Wil .... Read More

Audi Former Top Executives Deny Diesel-Rigging Wrongdoing

October 7, 2020

Diesel-Emissions Scandal

The former chief executive and head of engine development for Audi rejected the German prosecutors' allegations connected to their roles in the diesel-emissions scandal that shook the luxury-car maker's parent  Read More

General Motors Unleashes The “Ultium Drive” For Us

September 16, 2020

General Motors is becoming less generic these days. They just announced new details about the Ultium battery platform exclusive to their electric vehicles. Each battery can power five separate drive units met with three motors. This combination will help GM confirm it's spot in an "all-electric future."

BMW Might Be The Fastest Four Door In a Few Years

August 24, 2020

BMW is looking to showcase its EV tech according to the reports from the U.K.'s Magazine Car. There is a possibility that the next generation of the M5 Sedan could have two versions. The first being electric, the second - a plug-in hybrid model.

The electric ver .... Read More

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