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General Motors Recalls Near 1 Million Vehicles For Faulty Airbags

You are currently viewing General Motors Recalls Near 1 Million Vehicles For Faulty Airbags
General Motors is putting the brakes on the airbags they offer with a new recall.
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Sad as it may be, someone has to answer for General Motors’ general negligence. And that would be General Motors. They have to pursue the change they are so desperately seeking with the recall that has had to occur for nearly one million cars and their bad airbags.

In particular, 994,763 different general motor vehicles have been affected by a particularly life-threatening defect within the airbag. This in particular includes, but it’s not limited to Buicks, Chevys and GMC’s produced in the range of the 2014 to 2017 model years.

In accordance to documentation that was filed with the NHTSA or the national Highway traffic safety administration, what would happen is that the airbag on the driver side inflator had a tendency to explode within deployment stages there for sending very sharp metallic fragments within the inside of the vehicle, likely causing serious injury, or death. In accordance with a filing from GM last Friday, the manufacture first became word to the wise upon reading a report about a 2017 Chevrolet traverse that had crashed in March, only to result in a worse accident: the front driver airbag inflator had been ruptured as deployed. It’s not yet to be seen as to whether or not the driver him or herself have been particularly affected by this accident, but in any case GM is not taking any chances.

Dealers have been notified as early as May 10, 2023 with owner notification set to begin this summer.

As part of the recall, dealers are expected it to switch out the drivers airbag units for free. Any drivers that are concerned are more than welcome to check the website of the NHTSA for recalls in order to see if their vehicle has indeed been counted as one of these vehicles, with shaky foundation of an airbag issue. Such a recall is part of a large request that comes directly from the ARC Automotive Inc. as they recall 67 million airbag inflators from the likelihood that they could explode.

Such ARC airbag inflators are being recalled from other car mega-groups like Stellantis, BMW and Hyundai Motor Group.

Airbags themselves deserve to be properly installed, and therefore properly inflated without being ruptured because otherwise the likelihood that this could hurt somebody in the car while an actual accident is actually not happening Convery severely affected not only the companies credibility and manufacturing automobiles, but also the livelihood of innocent bystander sitting in traffic for hours at a time.

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