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How to Get Cheap Car Shipping

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Open shipping is the best way to save on your next shipment.
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Although car transport isn’t very expensive, everyone is looking for the best deal. At Columbus Auto Transport, we know all the factors that go into the car shipping process, so we know how to keep it cheap. Many things go into the cost of shipping a car, like the vehicle’s size and the distance you need to cover. Many of these aspects are out of your control, but some you can influence. In this article, we’ll go over how to save as much as possible when using an auto shipping service.

Open Car Transport is the Best Budget Shipping Option

One of the biggest ways you can reduce the price of your car shipment is to ship your car on an open car transport carrier. These carriers are very affordable to use thanks to their sheer availability. Enclosed carriers are out there, but they are a bit more specialized and hard to use. Open carriers, however, are much more common, meaning that scheduling an open shipment is much easier. This ease of scheduling makes our lives easier, so we pass on some savings to you!

Save by Scheduling in Advance

If you want to save on your auto shipping order, a great way to do so is to plan it far in advance. Car shipments take time to plan, route, and schedule. If we have the time to do so at a comfortable pace, then not only will you get better service, but it will be at a better rate. Of course, you can schedule a shipment for whenever you need one, but last-minute shipments will cost far more. The best way to go for your budget is to schedule as far in advance as you can.

When It Comes to Cheap Car Shipping, Timing is Everything

Want to know a secret about the car shipping industry? We’re subject to the variations of supply and demand, too! Because of this, the cost of your shipment may vary depending on when you choose to ship your car. When demand for our services is low, you can get a better deal.

When is the cheapest time to ship your car? Generally speaking, autumn is the slowest season for car shippers. Fewer people are moving during this time of year, so there are fewer shipments for individuals. If you can move your car at any time, this is often the best time to do so. We’re very busy during the summer, so avoid shipping during that time if you can!

Of course, the best way to save on your shipment is to choose Columbus Auto Transport. Our car transport is cheap, fast, and incredibly safe. For great service at an even better price, choose CAT!

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