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How Heavy Haulers Ship Massive Vehicles

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Heavy haulers have a tough task, but we can get it done!
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In the vehicle transport world, no one commands more respect than heavy haulers. Heavy hauling is one of the most specialized and challenging things that auto movers need to do. So how do they pull it off? What all goes into making heavy hauling possible? In this article, we’ll take you through this process and how it works for our heavy haulers.

It Starts With the Paperwork

When someone asks us to complete a heavy haul for them, the first thing that we need to do is figure out which dimensions are over the legal limit. The term “heavy hauling” isn’t just for overweight loads; it actually applies to any load that exceeds a legal dimension. This means that a piece of pipe that’s too long is considered a heavy haul. We figure out what oversize dimension your load has and find the right kind of oversize permit that your load needs. Then, it’s time to make transport happen.

Heavy Haulers Need to Know How to Load and Unload

Loading and unloading oversize loads comes with unique challenges. Many of these loads are too large to use regular trailers, so they go on trailers like flatbeds or lowboys. Depending on the size of the load, this may mean that they need to use a crane for loading, whic,h of course, requires a special skillset. A good heavy hauler also knows that securing these loads is incredibly important. Securing heavy hauls means using straps and chains to ensure that the load doesn’t become detached during transport and cause significant damage to the road or the truck itself.

How Is Driving Different for Heavy Haulers?

Finally, heavy hauling requires specific tactics from its drivers. Securing your load well can help prevent disaster in this regard, but if you go too fast or hit a turn too quickly, no amount of strapping can save you. At Columbus Auto Transport, we make sure that all of our heavy haulers have experience hauling oversize loads and know how to keep themselves and their loads safe on the road. That way, no harm will come to their loads or to anyone else on the road. While challenging, heavy hauling is a necessary service, and there’s a right way to do it. Columbus Auto Transport is a reliable heavy hauling team that knows how to get it done!

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