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Cincinnati, OH


Cincinnati is a city located on the Ohio River. Cincinnati is a major city in the state of Ohio, Hamilton County.

The city got its name from the Roman military leader Cincinnatus, who was a legendary figure during the Roman Empire. With the population of 296.943, Cincinnati makes the third most populous city in Ohio and the 65th in the United States.

The city has plenty of nicknames, such as ‘’The Queen City’’, ‘’The Queen of the West’’, ‘’ The Blue Chip City’’, The City of Seven Hills and so on. These nicknames have an association with different aspects of the city, such as academic, professional or service. For instance, the ‘’Blue Chip City’’ refers to the restaurant Blue Chip Cookies.

Cincinnati is a pioneer when it comes to television aspect. It’s worth mentioning Cincinnati was the first city to have licensed public television station.

Once you are a tourist in Cincinnati, check out Cincinnati Museum Center. The Museum Center has an active schedule exhibits, including temporary and permanent. For outdoor activity lover, Cincinnati will entertain you with its Zoo and Botanical Gardens.

Keep in mind, it’s pretty big and will take up a whole day!

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