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Mansfield, OH

Mansfield Ohio

Mansfield is a city in Ohio with the population of 47.821. The city got its name after the general of the United States. Founded in 1808, the city had economic growth due to the location. It was founded on a fork of the Mohican River with fertile farmlands. The economy of Mansfield is pretty diverse, including manufacturing, retailing, education, and healthcare.

Mansfield is the largest city in the middle region of Ohio. It is not by surprise, that the city’s nickname is ‘’The Fun Center of Ohio’’. If you look for fun in Mansfield, downtown is offering a number of attractions and arts venues. Join the concert events in the downtown Brickyard venue. It gathers up to 5000 people for a great time.

The downtown area of the city features numbers of cultural sites, such as NEOS Ballet Theatre and Richard Academy Dance Ensemble.

For the lovers of theatrical performances, Renaissance theatre is the best choice. Witness Broadway-style productions, comedy, classical concerts and other events with more than 50.000 people.

For outdoor recreational activities check out Mansfield Parks Department and North Lake Park with a fishing lake and playground.

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