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Zanesville, OH

Zaneswille Ohio

Zanesville is a city in Ohio and the county seat of Muskingum County, with the population of 25.487 by 2010. It is only 52 miles from Columbus, at the junction of the Licking River with the Muskingum River.

The city’s name is associated with the name of a pioneer trail from Wheeling Ebenezer Zane. From 1880 until the mid-1950s. Zanesville developed rapidly due to factories producing pottery, bricks, glassware, soap and other products.

One thing that stands the city out, is its so-called ”Y- Bridge”. The three-way bridge, that’s called  ‘’Y-Bridge’’ connecting Licking and Muskingum rivers, is one the very few bridges of its kind in the United States.

Actually, Zanesville is one place where you can watch the renowned sculptor Alan Cottrill at work. Consider visiting Allan Cottrill Sculpture Studio and Gallery with the world’s largest bronze sculpture exhibitions of any contemporary sculptor’s work. The artists’ studio is open every day.

For outdoor fun with your kids and family come to Mission Oaks Gardens. By the way, this colorful, landscaped gardens have free admission. No doubt, it’s a great place to walk and take pictures.

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