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Springfield, OH

springfield ohio

Springfield is a city in Ohio and the county seat of Clark County. The city located on the Mad River had a population of 60.608 in 2010.

Even though among many people Springfield is the Champion city, the city got two other nicknames. Due to the fact that Springfield used to smell like roses, it got the name ‘’City of the roses’’.

Another nickname ‘the Home City ‘’ was given due to 33 greenhouses that produced more roses than any other city. Back in 1983, Springfield has featured an ‘’American dream’’. Moreover, in 2004, Springfield was nominated as an ‘’All-America City’’.

Springfield is pretty amazing. Check out Hartman Rock Garden in Springfield and you will be speechless. It’s truly is a folk art masterpiece.  Over 250.000 individual stones gathered at the garden will take you back in time and history. After being fully restored in 2009, the Garden is open to the public on a daily basis free of charge.

For outdoor activities, Springfield offers picturesque biking and hiking trails. Springfield is a place for people with various interest. Come to enjoy the city with the family.

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