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Canton, OH

Canton Ohio

Canton is a city in Ohio and the seat of the Stark County. The city with the population of 404.445 by 2010 makes the 8th most populous city in Ohio. Canton has numerous railroad lines. That’s how it became a heavy manufacturing center.

The city is known as the birthplace of professional American football. The first professional football team Canton Bulldogs brought the fame to the city.

The name of Canton also associates with the U.S. 25th President William Mckinley. He conducted his campaign in Canton and won the presidency. To commemorate his life and residency visit William McKinley Presidential Library and Museum.

To have the full experience of the city drive to Hartville Marketplace. Try out so delicious food the marketplace offers to its attendees.

One of the most exciting places according to visitors’ feedback is Cantons’ MAPS Air Museum. Get to know to airplanes and uniforms by taking part in the interesting tour provided in the museum.

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