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Findlay, OH

Findlay Ohio

Findlay is a city in Ohio and county seat of Hancock with the population of 41.422 of 2016. Findlay is known as Flag City.   In the mid-1960s when a man named John B. Cooke moved to Findlay, Ohio, he believed it’s a good idea to fly the American Flag. By the way, Cooke was a member of the Sons of the American Revolution.

Later on, Findlay gained national attention due to natural gas and oil which were discovered close by.

Another source of economic growth became newspapers posted in German specifically for German immigrants. Findlay was also home to woodworking firms and furniture manufacturers. The city also has cultural and historic value.

Plenty of sightseeing, including art galleries are offered. For instance, Mazza Gallery Findlay is one of the largest children’s illustration museums in existence. According to its visitors, it’s a must-see gem in Findlay. If you are not a museum person, consider canoeing, kayaking, and biking in Findlay. For outdoor activities, you will have the largest selection.

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