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Enclosed Car Shipping

Enclosed Car Transport

When you are shipping an auction or exotic vehicle, or a brand-new stunning motorcycle, your priority is safety. You prefer extra protection over the price, since you value your luxurious vehicle more.

What we offer in this case! Enclosed Car Transport offers an extra protection your car against external factors, such as weather elements. In an enclosed car shipping carrier, we ship the vehicles in a covered truck. These carriers can often carry up to 5 vehicles. We use hydraulic lift gates when loading and unloading the vehicle to ensure its safety. Additionally, we offer full insurance coverage.

Nevertheless, its scheduling is harder than the Open Car Transport given the fewer number of truckers. Additionally, you can get frequent updates about the status of the shipment from your driver.

Even though it’s an expensive car transport type, Enclosed Car Transport is considered a cost-effective way of protecting your vehicle.

Columbus Auto Transport

No matter what method you choose for your shipment, your vehicle will be safely delivered. Columbus Auto Transport is one of the leading companies operating in the auto transport industry. Thanks to its commitment and result-oriented approach, the company managed to expand its network.

Since its establishment in 2006, the company has shipped over 100,000 vehicles. We have shipped vehicles across 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii. What makes us stand out is the fast response time, guaranteed pickup date and premium quality services.

We have collaborated with thousands of individuals and corporate clients to help them relocate. Our customer base consists of mainly returning and new customers.

We encourage all our customers to post their reviews on various relevant platforms. It will help us improve our services and inform potential customers about our services.

You can also request a free quote by filling in a simple online form.

Call us at (380) 867-0547 to learn more.

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