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Apartment Declared a Public Nuisance: ‘This is no Place to Live’

Apartment Declared a Public Nuisance: ‘This is no Place to Live’
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An apartment in the Midwest on the outside of the Colonial Village apartments in a local city has sadly been declaring a “public nuisance” by the city. However, when you go inside, nuisance turns into a nightmare.

Apartment is Really on a Watch List Based on Calls

Roughly 1,500 service calls have been received there. This is since the pandemic started in the local city and the response by the police.

Emergency Violations

In fact, they have 30 days to fix the emergency violations, City Attorney Zach Klein told the owners. In fact, this complex in Columbus, Ohio will be appointing to a third party if it is not done and what is expecting.

“It’s really no place to live. “This is really not for anyone,” said Carla Young. Young and her six kids live in apartment D on Rand Avenue.

Traditionally, the home is where you should feel safe. That hasn’t been the case for Young. It’s really been a disaster.

The Apartment is Falling Apart

“In fact, it has been about a month and a half, but for the last three weeks, everything has been falling apart,” said Young.

Moreover, Young said her prior apartment had damage like what she’s is presently experiencing. Therefore, yet, she would never have to imagine having to endure it again. 

Disgusting Conditions

“Moreover, there are fibers of toilet paper in the kitchen sink. In fact, there are feces and toilet paper coming up out of the drain,” she said. Yuck how horrible and unsanitary!

The Ceiling is Falling

What’s worse is Young said the piece of the ceiling in the kitchen fell on her daughter’s head.  God Bless her and she is trying to keep the faith but it’s really doubtful. She is trying mightily to keep it together for her kids.

Problems Plague the Apartment

However, the city is taking note and acting. “Folks that live in Colonial Village are, in fact, trying to raise their families there, they do deserve better,” said Klein.

This apartment, he said is no stranger to crime, violence, and countless code violations.

“From sanitary conditions to public safety, they have 30 days to fix a bunch of problems. In fact, if they don’t, we are, in fact, preparing to move for receivership. Then a third party will come in and take control of the property,” said Klein.

On September 14th, the city said there will be another hearing.

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