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Shooting Causes the Closure of an Illegal Ohio Nightclub!

You are currently viewing Shooting Causes the Closure of an Illegal Ohio Nightclub!
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COLUMBUS, OH – Last Thursday, the city of Columbus received an emergency court order to shut down Club Wadinasi. The controversial Ohio nightclub will close its doors.

The police shut down this club because of its bad reputation and consistent disturbances to the community. Apparently, the number of gunshots fired at this establishment was equivalent to the amount of $10 shots poured. The club, Club Wadinasi, is located at 2084 Mock Road. The police responded to numerous shooting and assault incidents within the past few months at or around the location.

One incident was so severe that officers nearly saved someone from death. In this incident, responders arrived at the club just in time to save someone bleeding out from a gunshot wound. The officers applied a tourniquet to the injured man’s leg before paramedics even arrived on the scene. Fortunately, he was saved. Other victims weren’t so lucky. In one case, no one called 911 when a man was shot and bleeding. Meanwhile, the bouncer removed the injured person from the club and left him outside.

Columbus City Attorney, Zach Klein, filed for a temporary restraining order from the Franklin Environmental Court to shut down the premises. Interestingly, the night club was zoned as an auto repair shop and banquet hall but operated as a Club.

Apparently, the club would contain up to 200 people from 2 AM to 6 PM. Not only is this establishment close to a residential neighborhood, but it’s also nearby an elementary school.

What’s to come for this Ohio nightclub?

Since June 2018 the police privately investigated the premises. They found evidence of the location selling $10 shots and marijuana. There were also reports of a few women working as strippers. This club operated beyond the capacity of the law in many ways.

Finally, the Columbus Police Department is relieved that the judge accepted the police’s request for an emergency board up and shut down. The final follow-up hearing for an injunction against the owners and operators of the club will occur on March 22, 2019.

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