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Corona Virus Wedding Rules in Ohio Ignite a Backlash

You are currently viewing Corona Virus Wedding Rules in Ohio Ignite a Backlash
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Corona Virus with its potential resurgence has created new restrictions on wedding receptions in Ohio which are igniting backlash from lawmakers.

Corona Virus resurgence has Forced Restrictions on Mass Gatherings

Clamping down on mass gatherings, which include weddings and other events, is part of an effort by the Ohio Department of Health. Beginning at midnight Tuesday, November 16th, wedding receptions, and other banquet facilities will have to follow several guidelines. Thereby minimizing the spread of COVID-19. 

Corona Virus Wrecks Havoc Again on Socializing and More

These rules include no socializing in open congregate areas and no dancing. The guests have to sit at all times. There are to be no self-serve bar areas or self-serve buffets. Masks are worn at all times. The exception is while eating and drinking.

File This Under How Nice! The Bride and Groom Can Cut Their Wedding Cake

What is permitted: The traditional first dance between the bride and groom and the cutting of the wedding cake. No more than 10 can sit at each table. They all must live in the same household.

Republican Representative Jim Jordan Sees Through the Scamdemic!

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio., who criticized the measures in a tweet. 

“Want to marry in Ohio? Here are the new rules: You can drive your friends to the wedding, but can’t sit with them at the reception. You can throw the bouquet. But don’t leave your seat to catch it. You can have a drink while sitting, but not standing. What a joke,” he wrote. 

Religious Observances and More are Exempt

However, the order does not apply to religious observances, First Amendment protected speech, petition or referendum circulators and media activity. 

“There is a health order that limits mass gatherings to 10 people that was signed in April remaining in effect. We have seen the rampant spread of the virus as a result of banquets, wedding receptions, and social gatherings following funerals,” Gov. Mike DeWine, a Republican, said in a statement from Columbus.

Last week, DeWine adds a series of new provisions to his mask order. Moreover, a retail compliance unit led by agents with the state Bureau of Workers’ Compensations will inspect businesses to ensure compliance and each store will be responsible for making sure customers and employees wear masks.

Under the original order, people must maintain a distance of six feet between each other. The masks must be worn in any indoor location that is not a residence and while on public transportation. 

Rep. Warren Davidson, R-Ohio., railed against the orders, including the measures impacting weddings, and “unchecked executive authority.”

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