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Intel Fights Supply Shortages in Trucking Industry

You are currently viewing Intel Fights Supply Shortages in Trucking Industry
Supply chains work flawlessly with the right chips
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America’s trucking industry is not doing well. Computer semiconductor chip manufacturer Intel plans to solve one of the huge problems that plague the industry. There are thousands of unfinished trucks parked across the country waiting for the final piece. A semiconductor processing chip These chips are imperative for new truck models. They do everything from track mileage to regulate fuel usage and arm security systems. Without these chips, trucks cannot pass regulation standards and therefore remain inoperative. Factories across the globe closed their doors due to the pandemic. This closure caused delays across the world and they still have not made up the difference. These supply shortages are one of the big reasons for inflation. Now Intel plans to open a plant in America, about an hour outside of Columbus, Ohio.

In what they are calling the first phase, Intel plans to invest $20 billion. Phase one includes building a new factory and fabrication site. This factory will bring at least 3,000 jobs to Ohio and should begin producing chips by 2025. This means that more trucks will be ready. Motor carriers everywhere are having a hard time meeting deadlines with fewer trucks. By 2025, Intel plans to make that problem obsolete. However, that’s only phase 1, and Intel plans to do a whole lot more in Ohio.

Future Plans will Increase Chip Supply to All

Phase 2 could include as many as 8 factories. With a total investment of $100 billion, this could make Ohio the epicenter of advanced chipmaking in the United States. The president of the American Trucking Association urged Intel to focus its new chips on industries in need. industries identified by the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. However, if eight new factories open up, there will be more than enough chips to go around.

Traditionally, opening factories in the United States is bad business. Labor costs far exceed those of other countries. This results in more expensive products to compensate for the higher labor costs. However, the pandemic opened the eyes of many companies. Global supply shortages cost American buyers much more than domestic labor costs. Inflation prices due to shortages are worse than anything America would see with a healthy supply chain. Construction on the new factory should begin later this year.

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