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New Limits on Scooters in Los Angeles

You are currently viewing New Limits on Scooters in Los Angeles
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LOS ANGELES, CA — Complaints about haphazard parking and carefree riding of scooters recently became the main reason for concern for LA City Council. The Council is now taking action to limit the use of scooters throughout the city to help keep the city safer.

The City Council approved the city’s rules for the companies that lease scooters in neighborhoods of Koreatown. According to the rule, within certain hours the companies need to remove any vehicle that blocks the public ways. Otherwise, they risk losing their permits, which would prevent their scooters from gracing their roads. They would have to ship them elsewhere.

As a result, the pilot features a comprehensive program that stipulates new rules and regulations for scooters and dockless bicycles. The pilot program should become a part of LA streets rather soon.

Los Angeles Scooters Need Permits

The scooter companies now can apply for a permit to deploy up to 3,000 vehicles in Los Angeles. The number of deployed vehicles is comparably different in low-income areas, as richer areas already prevent scooters from being on their streets. Permits cost $20,000 per year, plus $130 per vehicle, or $39 per vehicle in low-income areas.

Besides that, the program set 15 mile-per-hour limit on a scooter. They must be parked upright and out of the way on various sidewalks. In case of violence of parking rules, the company has to remove it. If a city employee moves the scooter, the company must pay $28.32 penalty per hour.

Scooter share apps, which are greatly popular, especially right now, must be available in multiple languages to provide access to everyone.

Scooter companies such as Lime and Bird have approved the new regulations. The companies have announced that this program is certainly a solution to many problems. Most importantly, it will improve mobility options for many of the city’s residents.

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