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Nursing Home Workers Declined COVID-19 Vaccine

You are currently viewing Nursing Home Workers Declined COVID-19 Vaccine
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Nursing Home Workers Say No to the COVID-19 Vaccination

Nursing home workers that comprise roughly 60% of those working in Ohio’s nursing homes have opted not to get the COVID-19 vaccine. This is according to figures released last week by Governor Mike DeWine. These are some very smart people that are refusing to get the COVID-19 vaccine. There is no real rush or urgency to do this. People have gotten very sick and some with Bell’s Palsy!

The question is why aren’t some health care workers volunteering to get the COVID-19 vaccine?

In fact, Peter Van Runkle, the Executive Director of the Ohio Health Care Association, said some health care workers told him they aren’t volunteering to get the vaccine. This is because they don’t have a concern about the virus. That is if their residents are being vaccinated. Representing more than 1,000 nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities across the state is the service of the Ohio Health Care Association.

Few Outbreaks or Deaths

According to Van Runkle, there is a correlation between low vaccinations of staff and facilities where outbreaks or deaths have been few.

Social Media is the Problem?

Van Runkle feels that social media is making workers hesistant about getting the vaccine.

However, there is a natural fear that people have to be the first one to get the vaccine. What causes this is that there is alot of information floating out there about it, Van Runkle said.

Nursing Residents in Big Numbers Want the Vaccine!

What a relief! NOT! Van Runkle boasts there is good news on the COVID-19 vaccine front. In fact, he says 90% of residents in nursing homes have willingly opted to get the vaccine. Can you say FOOLISH?!

But Van Runkle also cautions there are larger issues ahead for nursing homes across the state. Keep those COVID-19 vaccinations coming!

“There are still got more new residents coming in. We are going to need a structure in place to vaccinate them,” Van Runkle said.

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