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Prison Officials Share a Video of What led to the Inmate’s death

You are currently viewing Prison Officials Share a Video of What led to the Inmate’s death
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Prison staff members with the Midwest state Department of Rehabilitation and Correction are currently under review. This has occurred after an inmate died. Earlier this year, following an altercation.

For the death of Michael McDaniel, 55, the agency is accepting responsibility for the death. In fact, he died at the hospital after this incident. It was on February 6th at the Correctional Reception Center in Orient.

Death of Michael McDaniel

In fact, the Franklin County Coroner’s Office in Columbus, Ohio, has determined that stress caused McDaniel’s heart to, in fact, stop. Moreover, his death is a homicide. Also, the autopsy did find injuries to his head, shoulders, wrists, hands, stomach, and legs.

The ODRC’s internal investigation shows ten people with the department involved in the incident leading to McDaniel’s death. This was during a news conference. Disciplined by the ODRC were eight of the employees yet two have since resigned.

Prison Officials Accept Their Accountability

“In fact, we are responsible for what did happen in that video. Yes, there is no question about it,” said Annette Chambers-Smith. She is the Director of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation Correction.

ODRC released a video that shows the altercation that started when McDaniel was, in fact, in his cell. According to investigators, he was yelling but the video has no audio. Moreover, two officers did approach McDaniel’s cell for a “targeted search” that was before opening it up. Then pull him out of it.

Officer-Created Jeopardy

“There is no reason to open the door. In fact, he was not trying to hurt himself in there. Yet when someone is yelling at you, and you are having a verbal altercation, moreover running over and opening the door is not a smart thing to do. It is officer-creating jeopardy. That is part of the findings,” said Chambers-Smith.

Prison Officials say Force Used

In fact, the video shows 16 instances where McDaniel ends up on the ground. Moreover, he was taking from his cell, outdoors, and then into the medical unit. Investigators have focused on five instances specifically they have said showed the use of force by ODRC staff.

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