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Residents are Able to Distance From Criminal History and get Hired

You are currently viewing Residents are Able to Distance From Criminal History and get Hired
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Residents in a Midwest region will have fewer problems getting hiring. The local city council has unveiled a new criminal record sealing program on Tuesday.

Residents and Opportunity Port

This mobile-friendly tool is an Opportunity Port. This tool is aiming at reducing barriers when it comes to applying for record sealing.

Therefore, the goal is to meet community members. It is where they’re at. This is to connect them to legal help. In this effort, the goal is to make the process more effective. It is based on information from Columbus City Councilmember Rob Dorans.

“In fact, we are only as successful as the one we are going to try to help,” said Dorans.

Work and Housing Opportunities

Moreover, the program does aim to go forward to expand work and housing opportunities to residents. Thus it keeps them out of poverty. However, there is a need for a program like Opportunity Port. It was highlighting during the COVID-19 pandemic, Dorans said, there is the importance of emphasizing an equitable recovery.

The criminal record, before the pandemic, did decrease an applicant’s chance of getting a callback by approximately 50%.

“In fact, there are jobs which are plentiful right now, the present jobs are not necessarily opening doors for everyone,” said Dorans. “Also, how can someone with a criminal conviction rebuild their life. Moreover, their record disqualifies them from approximately 25% of jobs within their community?”

Eligible residents in local county, beginning December 1st, can take an online survey on Opportunity Port. Then the goal is to select a service provider who is going to help them with the application. The local county municipal court’s Self Help Resource Center, the Legal Aid Society of Columbus, and Equality Ohio do assist applicants to make sure the process does run smoothly.

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