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Audi Experiments With new Charging Hub and ‘Premium Concept’

Audi Experiments With new Charging Hub and ‘Premium Concept’
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Audi is planning on opening its charging hub concept in Nuremberg. In fact, the quick-charging facility is aimed at Audi owners that don’t have home charging which is available but is now open to anyone with an EV.

Audi Charging Hubs are Easy to Erect

In fact, the modular, cube-based design wants to make such facilities are easy to erect in urban areas. Also, the automaker does say the Power Cubes which do house the charging electronics can be put together and then taken apart “in a few days.” In fact, they are set up in a group. Plus each does contain a 320-kW high-power charger. In addition, a buffer storage unit is composed of second-life battery modules. Also an energy management system.

Concept Site

Actually, the Storage Cub at this concept site does contain enough battery capacity to retain 2.45 megawatt-hours of charging capacity. Moreover, this assemblage is managed by the last module, a Control Cube.

The hub, in addition, draws a continuous 200 kW of green energy from the low-voltage grid. This is already in use. It is enough to keep the Storage and Power Cubes that are energized throughout a day of charging. Also, that grid does draw which eliminates the need for new high-voltage infrastructure. Moreover, the solar cells on the roof can then provide another 30 kW of energy. It assumes the day will begin at full storage capacity. Plus, Audi says the facility can recharge around 80 EVs per day.

There are six stations in Nuremburg which have a charging capacity of 320 kW. In fact, this would juice an Audi E-Tron GT battery with 62 miles of range in roughly five minutes. Then, it will take that battery from 5% to 80% in under 25 minutes. Also, Audi customers with an E-Tron Charging Service contract are going to pay 31 cents per kilowatt-hour. Audi does say it is the same price as using a home Wallbox.

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