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Crime Survivors Wants Lawmakers to Prioritize Needs of its Communities

Crime Survivors Wants Lawmakers to Prioritize Needs of its Communities

Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice are banding together to ask lawmakers to prioritize the needs of people that are just like them.

A national organization that’s goal is to win new safety priorities in states including Ohio, across the country, and attorneys general representing other states, the group announced in their National Crime Victims Agenda. This organization is calling The Alliance for Safety and Justice.

Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice – Ending Discrimination

Highlighting the expansion of victims’ rights is their 10-point plan to help black, brown, and underserved crime victims to end discrimination and ensure more help for victims with the less red tape involved.

10 Point Plan Outlined

Crime Survivors: Expand Victims’ Rights 

  1. To Increase legal protections for victims to prevent jobs. Also, housing loss while victims are recovering from a crime.
  2. To expand victims’ civil legal services. This is to help victims stabilize their lives after violence. 
  3. Thus ensure dignity, respect, and support for the victims of unsolved crimes. 

End Discrimination 

  1. To Expand victim services eligibility to all victims of crime and violence. 
  2. Moreover, make sure there is equal access to compensation and services for victims.

Ensure More Urgent Help, Less Red Tape

  1. The aim is to reach more survivors in crisis. Thus expand the outreach programs. Then ensuring the programs are delivering in all the places that underserved survivors may go.
  2. Moreover to fund victims’ compensation to cover the actual costs of recovery and extend deadlines for help.
  3. Then to ensure trauma recovery services are broadly available.
  4. To also invest in trusted community-based victim services providers.
  5. Then create funding streams to deal with pressing crises as they happen.

“Then, the legislators should also prioritize equal access to victim compensation and then, in turn, services to make sure victims from all walks of life have recovery support,” said Aswad Thomas, chief of organizing for Alliance for Safety and Justice and national director of these Survivors for Safety and Justice.

“The National Crime Victims Agenda offers policymakers a precise plan to address the needs of all crime survivors and then finally end the cycle of it. Moreover, lawmakers should then read this plan carefully, and finally, listen very carefully to the survivors who’ve been historically left out of the public safety conversation,” he said.

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