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Murder-Suicide in Marion

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MARION, OH –  Two people are dead in what police believe could be a murder-suicide in Marion. Police are still investigating the incident to determine the facts.

Police released information about the event Friday morning, December 21. The event occurred around 3:30 in the morning.  Marion emergency personnel, including both police and crew from the fire department, responded to a call about a home on Easy Street. Apparently, someone was attempting to commit suicide.

When the emergency team arrived on the scene, they found two bodies. A man, 39 years old, was dead and covered in blood. There was also a woman found injured, also covered in blood. She was still alive when they arrived. The emergency team brought her to Marion General Hospital. She died there later from her injuries.

The police are waiting to release the identities of the two people involved until family is properly notified.

So, it is not entirely clear what occurred at the home on Easy Street. But, it is clear that a significant amount of violent crime occurs throughout the community. According to crime statistics gathered in part by the FBI and by NeighborhoodScout, Marion is not one of the safer communities in the United States.

In fact, Marion has a noticeably higher crime rate than the national average. The chances of being a victim of either property or violent crime is 1 in 25. And, in terms of violent crimes, residents have a 1 in 339 chance of being a victim of one (such as aggravated assault, armed robbery, rape or murder).

Until the investigation continues with the death of these two people in Marion, it is unknown exactly what type of crime was committed.

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