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Flu Cases Breakout are Rising while COVID-19 Omicrons Increase

You are currently viewing Flu Cases Breakout are Rising while COVID-19 Omicrons Increase
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Flu is occurring this time of year in a Midwest state. There are also COVID-19 cases on the rise. It is a concern for doctors. The public should be warned about this situation and stay in the best health possible.

Flu Cases Typically Occur in the Late Winter and Early Spring

Typically, late January or February is when flu-related hospitalizations occur. This information is provided by Infectious Disease Specialist, Dr. Joseph Gastaldo. Moreover, this year it has all changed. Again, the public needs to stay vigilant to be in the best health possible.

Confirmed flu cases are coming from students, according to Dr. Joseph Gastaldo. Being in school, students are susceptible to all kinds of viruses with exposure to being in contact with all kinds of people. It is happening in colleges in Ohio.

Influenza A is Running Rampant

“Actually, in our country, we are, in fact, seeing some unique outbreaks of Influenza A at the college campuses. Moreover, another Midwest college during the big game was going through a significant outbreak. The outbreak was in Influenza A cases,” He said.

This type of flu strain does have a higher chance to affect people that will lead to more hospitalizations, Dr. Gastaldo said.

“We are seeing is influenza A type H3N2. That is what the CDC is reporting,” he said. “Also, in the previous year, we have seen what does correlate with a major season in influenza.”

The state of Ohio is seeing more than 70 flu cases this week. Moreover, that is a number they typically don’t see in them in the month of December.

“There are 76 confirming cases of influenza hospitalizations in the state of Ohio. That is as of the last ODH update, Gastaldo has said.

Getting the flu shot is of paramount importance. Also, Dr. Gastaldo is urging Ohioans to get a flu shot. It would be to keep themselves and their loved ones healthy, he said.

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