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Food Trucks Support Truck Drivers

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Food trucks are mobile restaurants. With the world currently facing the COVID-19 pandemic, many Food Trucks have stepped up to help support truck drivers.

Closed Rest Areas Means Lack Of Food and Supplies

For many truck drivers currently on the road, the closures of many restaurants and truck stops have left them with little supplies. This has led to many unorthodox methods for assisting them in their efforts. For starters, schools across the country that have been shut down since the start, have opened their doors as rest areas for truck drivers. At the same time, food truck owners have found that they can not only stay in business but also help truck drivers by setting up shop at these places.

For some businesses like Big Mike’s Pork ‘N’ Wings, this has been a great opportunity to not only help those in need but to continue to help themselves.

Last week, the business opened at Pilot Truck stop and served food to over 100 trucker drivers. The next day, the decided to do it again, this time serving a much larger crowd.

“We know that we are all counting on the truckers, now more than ever, who have such a vital yet thankless job,” said the businesses Facebook page.

Difficulties Facing The Industry: How Food Trucks and Public Support Helps

Many truck drivers have their backs against the wall. Working long hours (sometimes 14+) and lacking the essential stops to resupply, many are forced by either stocking up for a long haul or resorting to off-trail measures.

With countless citizens across the country stepping up to show their support for truck drivers everywhere, many drivers have seen an increase in support for their career. Respect has been a big part in keeping the men and women of the industry moving.

According to truck driver Graham Hinsch, the public support and knowing he is helping people is more than enough to keep him driving.

“This is the first time we have public support and recognition in my life since I started driving. I see signs and people thanking us. This has helped me to continue to drive and continue to help those in need”.

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