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Lawmakers Look to Overhaul State’s Medical Marijuana System

Lawmakers Look to Overhaul State’s Medical Marijuana System
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Lawmakers want to do over the state’s medical marijuana system also because of parents and physicians. They have all repeatedly asking the State Medical Board to add autism to the list of what they are considering qualifying conditions for medical marijuana. Then, each time it has said no.

Lawmakers: Lack of Scientific Data

“I believe they are put in a tough situation,” said Republican Senator Steve Huffman, an emergency room physician. He co-wrote Ohio’s medical marijuana law. “Moreover, we still don’t have the scientific data that I believe the board is looking for. Because of the federal government, we can’t have it.”

Marijuana Remains a Schedule 1 Substance

The drug remains a Schedule 1 Substance. In fact, that is the reason cannabis research across the country has been stalling by that fact. This means the federal government puts it into a category with heroin and other drugs. They, in fact, have a high risk of dependency and with no medical use. However, opioids like oxycodone are Schedule 2. That, moreover, does allow for particular medical uses despite their risks for addiction.

Studying Cannabis in Adults and Children with Autism

In other countries, some have already started studying cannabis in adults and children with autism. However, the research has not been enough to convince Ohio’s board.

Lawmakers Decided to go Around the Medical Board

In fact, that is why a bipartisan group of state lawmakers have made the decision to go around the medical board. Then, possibly add autism to the list of conditions that are eligible through House Bill 60 for medical cannabis.

It would be the first time Ohio lawmakers, if passes, have put in a qualifying condition since they created the medical marjuana program in 2016. Therefore, it would be the first step going forward to a bigger overhaul of the entire system.

Restrictive Program Rules

There are different reasons for the problems happening regarding autism being adding to the medical marijuana program. In fact, some have blamed the restrictive program rules. While others have placed the blame on rollout issues that stem from the way Ohio divided oversight for the program. This is among three different agencies (Department of Commerce, Board of Pharmacy and State Medical Board).

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