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Columbus Ranked as Third Best College Town

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Columbus is home of Ohio State University and is the state's capital.
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According to a recently published article from Time Out magazine, Columbus, Ohio is the third-best college town that “everyone should visit – even if you’re not a student.” The ranking included nine other cities, composing a list of the top ten cities. This placement accompanies Columbus’ Forbes ranking in the top five places for young professionals to work. Additionally, the city has countlessly appeared on many lists ranking cities for all the good that they have to offer.

The city’s wide range of restaurants, neighborhoods, art, and overall safety and vibe contributed to the high ranking.

Columbus is home to Ohio State University. While it may not be the standout school you first think of when you picture a top-ranking college town, it holds its own to major competitors, nonetheless. The university greatly contributes to the overall fabric of the city, which is what makes it even a contender for the title of college town. Ohio State actually makes major contributions to sociological and scientific discoveries, so the school itself is well respected, even if it is not a major name like Harvard or UCLA.

Time Out referred to the Ohio State University campus as a city itself within the city of Columbus. With this said Columbus still manages to feel like both a fast-paced, metropolitan city and a slow-moving, relaxed small town. This is what has earned the city the nickname “The Biggest Small Town in America.” The city offers things seen in major cities like New York City and Boston, all while holding to the small town “everyone knows everyone” type of feeling.

The city actually places high in terms of population and size, coming in as the 14th largest city in the United States.

The chief marketing and innovation officer for Experience Columbus, Sarah Townes, was not surprised by the city’s high ranking. Instead, she spoke highly of the city’s bustling neighborhoods and activities. The appeal of the city largely comes from places like the Short North Arts District and the German Village.

The school’s subtle notoriety accompanied by the city’s many offerings make it a place of massive appeal to many.

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