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Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring Scores Great Marks all Around

Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring Scores Great Marks all Around

Lincoln has introduced the compact Corsair Grand Touring. It has added a second plug-in hybrid model. Similar to its bigger Aviator sibling, the plug-in Corsair did share the technology with a Ford. It also provides additional performance and a much-improved interior that does make it a credible luxury vehicle.

Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring – Second Plug-in Hybrid Model

In fact, it does compare to small plug-in SUVs. Also, the Lincoln does have pluses and minuses. However, it is still an attractive package for the right buyer which is thanks to its strong value, efficiency, and style.

Internal-Combustion Counterparts

Like its internal-combustion counterparts, the Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring is based on the Ford Escape. Also, upfront it does use the same naturally aspirated 2.5-liter four-cylinder and electric motor as the Ford Escape PHEV. That is not to mention a motor-based CVT. However, it does pick up a rear-mounted permanent-magnet motor. This is to provide additional power and all-wheel drive. Also, it makes 266 horsepower combined, an increase of 46 HP over the Ford. Thus, compared with other Corsairs, it’s just 16 horsepower more than the base Corsair. It has a turbocharged 2.0-liter engine. Moreover, it is down 26 horsepower from models with the optional turbo 2.3-liter engine. Also, it is low on power compared to other slightly larger plug-in competitors.

Then, on the other hand, the Lincoln does offer stronger fuel efficiency. It can offer a full charge. Also, it can go an EPA-rated 28 miles on electricity. Plus, run in gasoline-only mode, it gets 33 mpg. The BMW can go 31 miles on a charge but only gets 20 mpg on gasoline only.

The Lincoln is no sports car. It does focus instead on the smoothness and reasonable refinement. Also, power delivery is really smooth. There is no detectable vibration when added. That is when the gas engine does come into play. Then, you will hear it when it comes on. However, it is not that smooth. Thankfully, Lincoln has, in fact, added more sound deadening as well as active noise cancellation to the Corsair. The overall engine volume is low.

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