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Marijuana Has Come to Ohio!

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WINTERSVILLE, OH – Finally, the cries for relief have been heard. This morning, January 16, 2019, jubilant citizens completed their first legal purchases of medical marijuana.

A veteran with PTSD and a past government worker with multiple sclerosis were among the first in line. Also, these were the first to buy legal medical marijuana in the state of Ohio. Caleodis, 55, was the first patient at CY+. Thus, she claims she is relieved that the cannabis can take away her pain but allow her to function perfectly fine. The next patient was Alex Griffith, age 30. Griffith drove five hours to obtain his share of CY+’s newly legal substance. Alex said he left the dispensary feeling better than ever! Therefore, Alex is ecstatic that he can achieve a better quality of life since his pain will diminish.

Among the dispensaries are CY+, Ohio Valley Natural Relief, the Botanist and The Forest. The dispensary owners prepare themselves for the large influx of people that may come within the next few days. Many dispensaries are providing coffee or hot chocolate and setting up heated tents for those waiting in line. Unfortunately, food service wasn’t legal due to Ohio’s strict laws within the industry.

Sadly, the prices for medical marijuana in Ohio are relatively high. At first, the dispensaries only serve marijuana flower. Although Ohio law doesn’t allow smoking, hemp and plant material can be sold for vaporization.  This flower is sold in 2.83-gram amounts. This increment in one-tenth of an ounce and is now nicknamed the “Ohio tenth.”

Medicinal marijuana and the future.

This day is monumental in Ohio pain management. The law that allowed legal marijuana sales in the state of Ohio was passed in 2016.  But this is just the first milestone in many. Initially the supply will be low, and demand will be high. Lastly, the prices are not like other regulatory markets. With time, medical marijuana patients will soon be buying marijuana-infused oils, lotions and patches.

This is a great indication for future states who have yet to pass medical marijuana laws. As of today, thirty-three states and the District of Columbia have legalized medicinal marijuana.

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