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Not Wearing A Mask Will Get You Tasered, Handcuffed, And Forcibly Removed

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LOGAN, OH – On Wednesday, September 24th, Alecia Kitts was exercising her freedom of speech and First Amendment rights at an eighth-grade football game. Kitts just has a history of standing up to authority, even when that authority is trying to save her life. As a result, Kitts got a charge of trespassing when she would wear her mask. Officer Chris Smith, the school’s resource officer, gave Kitts the warning and then issued the charge. One of Smith’s assignments is to make sure people comply with health, and safety guidelines from the CFC, Ohio Department of Health, Ohio High School Athletic Association, and the Logan-Hocking School District.

The events that led to Alecia Kitts being told to remove her mask and more

Officer Smith saw Kitts not wearing a mask. He told her to put one on. Apparently, Kitts has asthma. Smith said she should put the mask or leave the game. Kitts did not leave the game. So in turn, she got a citation for trespassing.

Then, she had to leave the game with school personnel. The police said despite several tries to reason with her to leave, Kitts was put under arrest for criminal trespassing. Then, she put her hands behind her back. Kitts didn’t cooperate and another woman would interfere. She still didn’t cooperate. When Kitts did not and the result was he would use his taser. Still, Kitts did resist and Smith got his taser out to subdue her. Smith then put Kitts under arrest.

Then, they left the stadium with the help of another officer. Kitts got a trespassing charge and was able to leave the scene afterward. Additional charges are pending against Kitts and another woman. Video of the incident spread online Wednesday after it happened. Members of the crowd reacted in surprise to the confrontation. It appears everyone else in the stands around her had masks on.

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