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Ohio GOP Resists Summit Request With Centrist Group No Labels

You are currently viewing Ohio GOP Resists Summit Request With Centrist Group No Labels
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Frank LaRose, a candidate out of Ohio running for a Senate seat, had actually rejected a request to sit down on a call with known centrist group No Labels, throughout the backlash from the conservatives. According to The Hill, the email that invited LaRose had made mention that it would be an open attendances for watching the Ohio secretary of state, who is running in a March 19th Senate primary versus Trump’s Bernie Moreno.

A spokesperson for LaRose stated the reports of No Labels to be “fake.”

The list of his priorities, according to the statement posted on social media, are evidently as follows: Husband, Father, Green Beret, Conservative, Ohio Republican. The beginning reports of LaRose’s involvement for No Labels will draw critique from all the allies out of Bernie Moreno’s camp.

Frank LaRose, in addition, has had negative feedback after it would appear they’re raising money from the largest pro-amnesty and pro-gun control groups within the country.

No Labels, meanwhile, has been called out for supporting anti-Trumpers like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger.

As you can probably assume, a lot of hearsay comes out of this conversational kerfuffle. No Labels is raising attention for their perspective surrounding the 2024 presidential election. They’ve gotten upon the ballot in plenty of states, all while the group has stated regardless if they choose to give their ballot line to a likely “unity ticket” post-Super Tuesday.

Moreno, as of a recent poll from Emerson College, is polling at about 21 percent. Meanwhile, LaRose and State Senator Matt Dolan (of the Republican party) is polling over at 15%.

Such stakes over the Republican primary are skyrocketing. The state of Ohio is conservative-leaning specifically for the party’s concerns of regaining control of the upper chamber. March 19th will see the Senator Sherrod Brown compete head-on in November’s general election.

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