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Ohioans Are Covering Their Electric Bills With Energy Assistance

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All over the state of Ohio, there are Ohioans that will require about $800 in order to keep up with overly ridiculous costs when it comes to electric bills. The pricing of which is far too vast to be able to keep up with the electric bills that have come in prominently throughout the Summer. All of this can be contributed to repairing air conditioners and other costs that they need. Of course, the Ohioans are likely to at least receive about $500 as it will allow for space to watch their expenses. As is the current case, there are a few remaining weeks that will allow for a signup to occur for the Office of the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel’s Summer Crisis Program. Such an energy assistance program had originally begun in July 1st and will continue on to September 30th.

First, it’s important to distinguish who can even qualify for energy assistance in Ohio.

The Ohioans that can actually access this type of reward are only able to if they have a gross annual income at around or below 175% of federal income guidelines, which could very well range from $25,515 for one person, to about $52,500 per household or at least four people in a group. All as it extends to about $88,480 for a household of eight and even moreso for larger households. All the households are expected to at least come to terms with one more requirement, being that you have a resident present that is aged about 60 years or older. Also, this works well with houses that use a percentage of income payment plans, better known as PIPP, while there’s an initial PIPP payment which can occur on a default PIPP Payment plan, as it shows help to repaid of an Air-Conditioning Unit, while receiving a brand-new A/C unit and even a fan, if need be.

Also, there could be physical documentation that uses cooling assistance as it may be needed for a resident’s health. The last way that a household can meet the requirements would be if there’s an obvious electricity disconnection notice issued where the electricity itself gets shut off or the household rises to acquire a new electric service. Such households in this case are able to get a new A/C unit or fan if necessary in the case of having A/C units repaired as the service maintains itself for 30 days.

To sign up for this electric help with the bills, there’s three main ways you can sign up.

You can actually sign up in-person, online or even by mail.

If Ohioans want to mail it in, all they have to do is download the application and mail the completed form over to Energy Assistance Programs at P.O. Box 1240, Columbus, Oh 43216.

Or if you want to sign up in person, there’s a directory to follow that’ll take you to where you need to go.

To apply online, just click on the link here.

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