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Police Involved In Shooting Monday Identified

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After an exchange of gunfire in Columbus on Monday between police officers and an unnamed suspect, the Columbus Police Department released the names of the officers involved.

Columbus PD named Glen Spiekerman, Errich Taylor, and Ross Sturgeon as the three law enforcement officers that responded to the scene. Spiekerman and Taylor both have served several years on the force, 8 and 7 respectively. Sturgeon has been with the department for one year.

According to a tweet sent by the department, the incident began shortly before 10 pm on April 27.

Prior to the shooting, calls came into 911. They spoke of a domestic disturbance, including hearing gunshots at the residence. According to Sergeant James Fuqua, the ex-girlfriend of the suspect also called into police in addition to neighbors. They engaged in a confrontation on the front lawn of the home.

Police Exchange Gunfire

When police arrived at the scene, they say the suspect immediately approached them. Furthermore, he brandished his weapon, a pistol in hand.

A brief trade of gunfire followed between the three officers previously mentioned and the suspect. While the exact count of gunshots and other details about the firefight remain unreported, police confirmed the suspect sustained injury. They also revealed the three officers were not hurt, despite multiple bullets striking vehicles and buildings at the scene.

After shooting the suspect, responding officers applied a tourniquet to his leg. The department says the first aid saved his life. Subsequently, the suspect received transport to Grant Medical Center. He remains hospitalized in critical condition.

After the gunfight, authorities recovered a pistol from the scene, assumed to be the one wielded by the downed gunman.

Police confirmed their intention to file charges against the man. However, his identity remains unreported as they have yet to file the charges officially. The investigation is ongoing.

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