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Right Turn in a Big Rig: Accidents

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A right turn in a big rig causes some of the most common accidents on the road. There is a multitude of factors that go into an accident like that. It is important to know who is at fault.

An Accident in a Right Turn Can Automatically Make You At Fault

When hauling long trailers, it is important to always take the outside lane. This ensures that your truck can actually swing the turn. It is also important to block the inside lane so no other car can squeeze past. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes they can squeeze past you. When this issue happens, you are automatically charged at fault until you prove yourself innocent.

When a Small Car Gets Through

If a small car gets through and hits your car, then you must stop and make sure the driver is okay. Yes, it is their fault, but it is your truck and the right thing to do is immediately stop and check for injuries. Make sure you are covered on your end. All notifications for outside traffic should be made aware that you are about to take a right turn.

Keep a camera on you at all times

Having a camera in case of an accident is a career-saving turn if you are not at fault. Being able to fully document an accident leaves no charges against you and your driving license. Documentation will help seal and openings that the driver can use against you if it were to occur. Again, you are going to be immediately charged with the incident so having a full spectrum of information to present will save your hide.

Right Turn accidents mean you have to go to court

You’re going to have to face the courthouse. Being automatically charged is the downside of being a truck driver. If you present all the necessary information to prove that you are not at fault then you will have no problem testifying against the driver who caused the accident. In most cases, if all the accurate information and documentation are provided, they will drop the case. If you follow all protocols and document your issue, then you have everything you need to challenge the charges in court.

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