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State Budget Considered On Better School Safety

You are currently viewing State Budget Considered On Better School Safety
The budget is being made to include better protection on school shootings.
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 School safety has never been a more prominent issue than it is today. With a record-breaking number of mass shootings more probable than ever, it’s becoming glaringly clear that too have teachers simply possess firearms may not be enough to protect the pupil from the threats of tomorrow. Suppose this is why the state of Ohio is upping its budget to allow for changes to its own coverage of youth. For good reason too. Because if the National Rifle Association and affiliated organizations won’t make the changes necessary to promote as series a seizure to gun violence, some educators may have to load up on whatever security is necessary to keep tomorrow’s brightest minds intact.

How Much Is Ohio Investing?

Ohio has past as much as $88.1 billion for the state operating budget. The update includes allowing for expenses related to security in routine school resource officers, alarm systems, surveillance and of course, firearms. An additional mode of protection is found very commonly in drills prepared to keep today’s children safe for tomorrow’s terrorists. But who is to say that this is enough, for the unpredictability of former students, current students, adults and neighborhood unknowns? It’s all very avoidable and easy to handle until it actually happens. Then it feels like all of a sudden there is a decrease in time left before figurative and literal bombs can go off.

Before Ohio when ahead and updated their state budget individuals from the Policy Matters Ohio initiative spoke with various representatives of school districts in the state. And the results of how they didn’t want to use the money for school resource officers was at the very least stunning and at the very most alarming.

Of course the pandemic did not help in decreasing school shootings, but that’s a different story.

Originally when the state budget was introduce 194 million had been specifically allowed for school resource officers. After the house approve the budget, such a number one down to zero dollars. Apparently, this was because leaders in the districts wanted to decide how to use their own money given to them, which had originally been set aside in the foundation of educational expenses. In other words, they decide for themselves whether not they need physical security embodied in a human being on campus. What is startling turn off events that may very well alter or, for lack of better words, reconfigure the way security is better handled in the Buckeye state.

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